The StayPanel Advantage:
Topside Installation

The five steps of StayPanel™
form installation

  • Install StayPanel™ form
  • Install deck reinforcement
  • Pour deck
  • Install barrier reinforcement
  • Pour barrier or slip form

Unlike conventional bridge brackets, which are installed from the outside, Precasteel's StayPanel™ forms are installed topside—from the inside of the bridge deck—while the workers face outward.

The topside installation creates a safer work zone under the structure because the deck area is contained by the StayPanel™ forms early on.

This installation has less impact on the bridge deck's surroundings.

StayPanel™ forms are becoming increasingly popular in bridge construction thanks to their ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

Unlock the benefits

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The sleek design, prefabrication, and stay-in-place installation of StayPanel™ forms can cut installation time down to a fraction of the time required by conventional brackets.

Watch the installation of StayPanel™ forms from start to finish.

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