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LaGuardia Airport

The very first project to use Precasteel’s StayPanel™ forms was none other than the massive $8 billion Central Terminal Replacement Project at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

As one of the country’s busiest airports, serving an estimated 15 million passengers a year, LaGuardia had its choice of formwork and construction methods to build two structures connecting terminals, Frontage Road being one of the two and the show piece of the terminal.

It opted for Precasteel’s...... Read more

Central Terminal Building

Project at a Glance

Bridge Length
1800 Linear Feet

Eyeing the future

Now, with other high-profile projects and more product innovations on the way, Precasteel stands to become a leader in bridge overhang construction around the country and the world—from New York to Texas, from North America to the UK.

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 Cranes alongside an overpass bridge barrier at LaGuardia Airport